Heather and Chris


Heather Arata (City and Regional Planning)
I am a fourth year PhD student in City and Regional Planning focusing on environmental justice issues in California’s Central Valley. For my dissertation I am looking at public participation around land use decisions in rural areas of California. When not in Graduate Assembly (GA) meetings, I am in ballet class during the week, and on the weekends I practice for competition trap shooting.
Chris Gerig (Mathematics)
I’m a 3rd year math student, after doing a year of the PhD Physics program. I received my B.S. in Engineering Physics at Cornell and did experimental research on gravity. My current work attempts to prove that a “count of certain surfaces in 4-dimensional spaces” equals a “count of solutions to a certain equation”. I enjoy playing IM football/basketball/volleyball, snowboarding with the ski club, singing along to musicals, and banging on the piano.