With some 10,000 of the world’s top graduate students here at Berkeley,
there is great potential for amazing personal and professional relationships.
The key is to provide the setting for such interaction, and the Grad Social Club’s
mission is to do just that – to facilitate social interaction between members of the
graduate population by organizing and sponsoring a variety of social events that
bring together graduate students from diverse academic interests.
Founded in 1998 and redeveloped in 2002, the Grad Social Club is run under the auspices
of the Graduate Assembly and Graduate Division.

What we do

  • To put on a couple of large, pull-out-all-the-stops, invite-the-world,
    events per semester, to bring the campus community together.
  • Between such large events, we plan to have monthly medium-sized mixers,
    providing regularity of interaction.
  • In addition, we look to fill out the calendar with multiple medium and small
    sized special events, including outdoor activities (hikes, ski and bike trips),
    dances and formals (masquerade ball), games (paint ball, bowling),
    cultural outings (opera, symphony, theater), and many others.
  • We host and facilitate lottery events where the size of the event is capped,
    and the people attending are randomly chosen from the interested crowd.
    This provides more intimate social settings for potentially deeper interaction.
  • We also provide the contacts to facilitate interdepartmental events,
    in which two or three departments co-host social events on their own.
  • Internally, the GSC looks to be a social community in and of itself, providing
    members the opportunity to help coordinate events of their own interest that
    they believe others in the graduate community would enjoy as well.
  • To decrease the burden on future event planners, the GSC aims to keep thorough
    records of its work so as to make events systematic, reproducible,
    and easier for the future.
  • To broaden and utilize existing resources, we wish to provide support (publicity,
    logistics, funding, labor) and encouragement to any student groups interested in
    organizing events that facilitate diverse graduate student interaction.